Math Mentorship

Math Mentoring at
St. Mark's

Empower the Future through our free one-on-one Math Mentoring Program.

This new, secular initiative connects high school volunteers with elementary math students in a safe and conducive environment. 


Why Choose Our Math Mentoring Program?

Mentorship by High School Stars:

Our dedicated high school mentors are interested in education and are role models who understand the challenges of young learners. They provide guidance, support, and a friendly approach to mastering math under adult supervision.

Personalized One-on-One Sessions:

Every learner is unique, and our program recognizes that. We will be using popular online resources that are bult to meet curriculum standards and can be tailored to match the needs and pace of each younger student, ensuring optimal understanding and progress.


Our program is overseen by experienced adults who ensure quality, safety, and a conducive learning environment. Your child’s well-being is our top priority.

Confidence Building:

Beyond math skills, our mentors instill confidence, perseverance, and a growth mindset in their mentees.

Community and Friendship:

Our program fosters a sense of community, connecting mentors and mentees in a positive, supportive network. Lifelong friendships and a shared love for math are just a mentorship away.

Secure your child’s spot in our transformative free Math Mentoring Program today.

Limited openings available! To enroll your child, please reach out to us at Together, let’s ignite a passion for math.

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Calling all high school math enthusiasts and aspiring mentors! Are you education and eager to make a positive impact on younger students? Look no further! Introducing our ground-breaking Free Math Mentoring Program, where high school students become mentors, guiding and inspiring younger learners on their math journey.

What you will do:

We will set up tables and tablets for our students to use free online resources (the Kahan Academy). Your job will be to help set them up on the tablet, sit with the student, work through any challenges, and encourage them to complete any exercises.

You don’t need to be an expert in math.

After about 30 minutes we will set up some simple and fun math board games (dominoes to monopoly) to help younger students feel comfortable with numbers.

To apply to become a mentor, please reach out to us at Together, let’s ignite a passion for math.

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