St. Mark's Chronicles

Read the online edition of St. Mark’s monthly newsletter.

Issue 20

September 2022

Featuring information regarding the 2022 Lambeth Conference, details about the month of September, updates on our outreach projects, and more.

Issue 19

August 2022

Featuring details about some lesser-known August holidays, an update from the social committee, commentary on St. Stephen, and more.

Issue 18

July 2022

Featuring an update on children’s and youth ministry, updated pandemic guidelines, and more.

Issue 17

June 2022

Featuring comments from the clergy, a new parishioner spotlight column, and fitting poems for the journey. 

Issue 16

May 2022

Featuring an update from the rector, commentary on the importance of humor, a reflection on praying and knitting, and a ministry moment focused on St. Mark’s Food Cupboard. 

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