St. Mark's Chronicles

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Issue 34

December 2023

Next Steps for St. Mark’s, All About Diwali, The Advent Calendar, St. Mark’s Discussion Group, and more.

Issue 33

October 2023

All About October, The Cross, This Fall in The Lions’ Den, and a Review of Find You First.

Issue 32

September 2023

A Letter to the Congregation, Parishioner Stories, and Comments from the Clergy. 

Issue 31

August 2023

Classic Hymns, A Photo from the Archives, Poems for the Journey, and more.

Issue 30

July 2023

Comments on Biblical Storytelling, The Forgotten Daughter, St. Mark’s Talent Fair, and July itself. 

Issue 29

June 2023

National Indigenous History Month, Book Reviews, and King Charles III.

Issue 28

May 2023

St. Mark’s steps into spring.

Issue 27

April 2023

Featuring all things Easter at St. Mark’s.

Issue 26

March 2023

Featuring March Trivia, details about Deacons, thoughts and activities regarding Lent, and more.

Issue 25

February 2023

Featuring details about Black History Month, February Trivia, and news from around the Anglican Church. 

Issue 24

January 2023

Featuring a brief history of clergy attire, New Years trivia, and more.

Issue 23

December 2022

Featuring details about our Christmas services, images from some recent events, and updates on our refugees.

Issue 22

November 2022

Featuring a reflection on Celtic Spiritualty, updates from St. Mark’s, details about the First Indigenous Veterans Day, and more. 

Issue 21

October 2022

Featuring a statement from Bishop Susan Bell, details about October, and some things to think about.

Issue 20

September 2022

Featuring information regarding the 2022 Lambeth Conference, details about the month of September, updates on our outreach projects, and more.

Issue 19

August 2022

Featuring details about some lesser-known August holidays, an update from the social committee, commentary on St. Stephen, and more.

Issue 18

July 2022

Featuring an update on children’s and youth ministry, updated pandemic guidelines, and more.

Issue 17

June 2022

Featuring comments from the clergy, a new parishioner spotlight column, and fitting poems for the journey. 

Issue 16

May 2022

Featuring an update from the rector, commentary on the importance of humor, a reflection on praying and knitting, and a ministry moment focused on St. Mark’s Food Cupboard. 

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