Article posted on August 21, 2018

Canon Marni Nancekivell to retire

Anglican Diocese of Niagara

Anglican Diocese of Niagara


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Dear clergy and licensed lay workers:

I am writing to let you know that the Reverend Canon Marni Nancekivell has declared her intention to retire from her diocesan appointments and employment effective March 31, 2019 and to resign her responsibilities as Secretary of Synod (with responsibility for diocesan properties) effective December 31, 2018. From January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019, she will focus her energy on the roles of Director of Safe Church and Volunteer Management and Screening on a full-time basis. 

Canon Marni’s dedication to ordained ministry in the Diocese of Niagara over the past thirty years is deeply appreciated. Her ministry responsibilities have been quite varied, serving as Rector of All Saints’, (Dain City) Welland and St. Aidan’s, Oakville; as Interim Pastor in several parishes in the Region of Trafalgar and what was the Region of Undermount, while also working as Director of Transitional Ministry; and, since 2011, serving as Secretary of Synod and Director of Safe Church, Volunteer Management and Screening, adding duties of oversight of projects related to diocesan properties several years later. I know that throughout those decades, her concern for the well-being of the clergy, leaders and people of parishes across the diocese, whether expressed as a parish priest, in the implementation of various Safe Church policies and protocols or through the Fresh Start programme, have been much in evidence. She has also made significant contributions over the years to the stewardship of our collective decision-making bodies of synod and synod council and various building and property-related projects. 

I am glad that she is remaining in her current range of roles for the rest of this year, including my first diocesan Synod meeting. I am also delighted that her full-time reassignment during the first three months of next year will enable her to make a significant contribution toward planned wider church collaborations in Safe Church and Volunteer Management and Screening areas.

I pray every blessing on her ministry in the coming months and the new adventures of retirement ahead.


The Right Reverend Susan J.A. Bell

Bishop of Niagara


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