Questions & Answers

When & where does the program run?

Our program runs from early September to early June.  Please bring your children to the Education Wing (downstairs and through the church hall) to be ready to start at 10:00.   Indoor shoes are recommended.

Should I register my child for the program?

Registration is highly recommended.  It’s a better program for everyone if kids can attend as often as they can, and having your information helps us inform families of upcoming events and programs in our church community.  To register, go to the Spark page. You may also complete a registration at the church with one of our teachers.  Your personal information is kept private.

Will my child take Communion?

Communion is a weekly event at St. Mark’s.  All the children in our program, including visitors, are brought by their teachers to Communion as a group, and receive a blessing.  Children over the age of 5 who are baptized may receive Communion (the wafer and wine).   Please speak to the clergy  or Children’s Ministry Coordinator about First Communion classes.

My child has special needs/allergies.

Please ensure the Children’s Ministry Coordinator is informed of any special needs, allergies, or activity restrictions. 

What if my child wants to stay with me instead?

There are Activity Packs in the pew nearest the main entrance.  Ask a sidesperson for one to use one during the service.  If you need anything for your child, please ask any sidesperson and they will be happy to help.  If your child feels restless or fussy, please feel free to join us downstairs at any time.